Hello, my name is Oren!

I enjoy coming up with crazy ideas and then implementing them. Whether that means designing and building robots or making an electric long board, I strive to use my free time to learn and do cool things.

Professional Information

Link to my Portfolio
Link to my Resume

Right Now I Currently:

  1. Do research with the SYBORGS lab on automation in synthetic biology
  2. I’m participating in the Growing Beyond Earth challenge (won the 2021 competition)
  3. TA at the University of Florida for the class Mechanical Design 3
  4. Attend college at University of Florida

This doesn’t include my personal projects though, and that’s what this blog showcases!

Interesting Facts About Me

While I know some of you have little interest in myself, in which case here is my blog, these are some odd facts about me:

  1. I’m known to do math for fun
  2. I think Solidworks is the best CAD software
  3. I enjoy hiking/running when time permits
  4. I’ve rollerbladed at least 10 miles in a single session

There is a good rational behind all of those, trust me!