I’m Busy, So…

Despite me having time to do blogs every once in awhile, there are a lot of cases when I did a project for a class or something else and don’t want to elaborate. Here is where all of those types of things end up! I use SolidWorks to render these, but I’d like to move to blender eventually to try to get better results (specifically with glass).

2022 Renders

The Cactus model I rendered in Solidworks before I had fully designed the base
The Totoro model I rendered in Solidworks
The Sun-shroom I made in Solidworks without the bottom base and before I added methods to hold everything together
The front of the PCB I designed
The front of the PCB I designed. It’s a crowded 2″ by 1.625″ board.

2021 Renders

Total View – Space Lettuce Growth Chamber (SIMoN)
Top View – Space Lettuce Growth Chamber (SIMoN)
Linear Camera System – Space Lettuce Growth Chamber (SIMoN)
Column Base and Motor – Space Lettuce Growth Chamber (SIMoN)
Slew Bearing
3D Printable Slew Bearing Inspired By Christoph Laimer

2020 Renders

For a class I had to design a stand mixer… decided to make it look really pretty!

Stand Mixer Full
Mixer Section View
Stand Mixer Section View
Exploded View Mixer
Stand Mixer Exploded

Miscellaneous Projects:

Test assembly for Clutch Control
A project that I decided not to finish. I quickly learned that linear potentiometers are very expensive 🙁

Old Renders (Not Sure When)

Rendered in Inventor, this is a ‘beltbox’ I designed in 2019. Excessive in a lot of ways, but other than the design, I still like the render. It worked very well, but ended up bending a little bit. Probably should have distributed my lightening away from the mounts!