I’m Busy, So…

Despite me having time to do blogs every once in awhile, there are a lot of cases when I did a project for a class or something else and don’t want to elaborate. Here is where all of those types of things end up! I use SolidWorks to render these, but I’d like to move to blender eventually to try to get better results (specifically with glass).

2021 Renders

Slew Bearing
3D Printable Slew Bearing Inspired By Christoph Laimer

2020 Renders

For a class I had to design a stand mixer… decided to make it look really pretty!

Stand Mixer Full
Mixer Section View
Stand Mixer Section View
Exploded View Mixer
Stand Mixer Exploded

Miscellaneous Projects:

Test assembly for Clutch Control
A project that I decided not to finish. I quickly learned that linear potentiometers are very expensive 🙁

Old Renders (Not Sure When)

Rendered in Inventor, this is a ‘beltbox’ I designed in 2019. Excessive in a lot of ways, but other than the design, I still like the render. It worked very well, but ended up bending a little bit. Probably should have distributed my lightening away from the mounts!