My Dynamics Textbook

What do you do with your free time?

There are many answers to this question. One that many people would say is play video games. Another popular answer is watching YouTube. Maybe you’re into social media and spend your free time browsing Instagram or Facebook. But me? Apparently I spend my free time doing things like the “Week of Dynamics.”

I’m challenging myself to a “Week of Dynamics.” This is a self made competition where I solve a relatively simple mechanical engineering dynamics problem and present an animation of it by the end of each day for a week. This works perfectly with summer break and will allow me to get some extra practice for my actual dynamics class.

Tools of choice

My Dynamics Textbook
This is my Dynamics textbook

To do this I plan on using Python and Pyglet for the programming and simulation aspect. For math I’ll be using the textbook above only as a reference for the needed mathematical theorems, and will possibly be using MIT OCW for problem inspiration. Additionally, I will post an animation on my YouTube channel by the end of each day of dynamics. I have intentions to update my Instagram accordingly… but no promises on post timeliness, I have other things I want to finish over break in addition to this!

Ready Set Go?

As of the day I post this, the “Week of Dynamics” will have begun. Hopefully later you will see these animations, otherwise I am probably struggling to work with Pyglet.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out… but it’s time to expand my comfort zone and do something cool, both with programming and physics!

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